About me

Hi, I’m Steve and I’m here to coach you to your health & fitness goals

I started exercising myself at the age of 18, where my main goal was to lose body fat and gain muscle tissue. I was eager to learn more, studying fitness books, nutrition and reading all the magazines that were available. 

At 23 I decided to take an intensive course in Personal Training, Nutrition and Sports injuries. After qualifying, I started work in a local gym, inducting members and training clients. Whilst there I continued my education by completing courses in Weight Management and Cardiac Rehabilitation. After qualifying, I then implemented both of these programs successfully, getting tremendous results with my clients. I also worked with a local disabled group, with conditions such as Downs Syndrome and cerebral palsy

After 3 years I was offered a job at the showcase gym for the same company, where I qualified in GP exercise referral and implemented the scheme with the local primary care trust. Other workshops I attended were in use of Exercise Balls and Foam Rolling. I also continued my personal development by learning how to train fitness staff and then traveling to other gyms within the company, training the fitness instructors to work on the gym floor

After 5 years I was headhunted to work at a large private gym, training clients and staff now to the highest level possible. Client goals including fat loss, muscle gain, bodybuilding/physique contest training, exercise referrals such as diabetics, many disabilities, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis and many more.  

After 8 years i left to set up Metaphysique Online Coaching, where I can work specifically with clients, sharing my knowledge and experience, and helping them achieve their goals. 

Have a look my available plans, and if you have any questions, please get in touch

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