Body Image

Do you compare yourself to the people you see online?

Today we get bombarded with body images. It has become commonplace now with the rise in social media

I think it’s always been there over the years with magazines, media and TV, but now it’s at the extreme. It’s very easy to see these people and feel flat and deflated and feel like you cannot achieve what they have, and therefore give up on your own goals. You look at yourself in the mirror and say

“I hate my body”

“I hate the way I look”

“I hate the way I feel”

“I have no energy”

Well, stop right now! Stop comparing yourself to people right away!

First things first set yourself a goal of what you want to achieve, don’t worry about other people. Then break that big goal into mini-goals that you can achieve, and that you can see and feel weekly and keep you on track and motivated

I think it’s great to have idols to look up to, especially the ones you can relate to and that can keep you motivated as well. When I started exercising and eating properly I had a few idols, each with a different body type, but all had a great work ethic and determination. It wasn’t so much that I wanted to look like them, I just admired what they had achieved with their bodies, and wondered what I could do with mine

The truth is you may never look like your idol, but you can still look awesome and feel amazing too. Use your idols in a positive way, if they are doing well you can too.

I remember having magazines with my idols in and every time I’d read about them and their workouts I wanted to workout too, and work as hard as they did. I’d adjust my diet to build muscle or drop fat just like they did and believe me I still have idols now, some have always remained the same and some I’ve been introduced to over the years and look at what they are doing, watch a YouTube video and even if I don’t copy them as their goals are different from mine, I still find this extremely motivational

So in closing set goals for you, have positive idols you can really look up to and keep you motivated and on track until you achieve the best version of you


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