A simple tip for portion control

2 meals showing portion control for fatloss
I love food, I love preparing it, and cooking it and then the enjoyment of eating it

And when it’s good it’s good and I enjoy eating big portions, the only problem then is it’s easy to overeat and I don’t want to overload my digestive system or cause a huge surge on insulin to be released as this will cause the fat storage effect we all want to avoid

What works really well for me is having smaller plates and bowls. This might sound funny at first but believe me, putting a smaller portion-controlled meal onto a big plate just doesn’t look right. I feel like the plate should be full or I’m missing out on food. I know this is a physiological problem so when I’m dieting down or in the cutting phase I use smaller plates to make it look full. Right away my problem has been solved and I find myself feeling more satisfied because of this one simple change

In fact, I have plates and bowls that are bigger for when I want to grow, normally during the winter, and smaller plates and bowls ready for that summer cut

Have a go and try this simple trick and hopefully it’ll help you as it has me




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