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Here are my top tips for fat loss. I am not a fan of drastic dieting, in fact taking it off slowly means you’ll feel good, have energy, allow the body to get used to your new food sources and you won’t get hunger cravings or low blood sugar

Try to get used to using the word FAT not weight as we want to lose body fat. Body weight can be made of fat, water, muscle tissue, organs and can vary with food intake. Body weight can also fluctuate during your hormone cycle, so you may weigh heavier but your body fat may be lower which is the goal

  1. Weighing yourself can be addictive in itself. Jumping on the scales to see if it’s dropped can be encouraging, but also disappointing if it’s the same or even gone up! Instead, try getting a tight fitting piece of clothing, maybe you used to wear it but now it won’t fit you anymore. Use this as your measurement, if it’s getting looser every 2 weeks you’re on track

  2. Preparation – plan your meals out for the day ahead and spread them throughout the day, roughly 3 to 4 hours apart. This will speed up your metabolism which means you’ll burn through more calories. You’ll also avoid feeling hungry which can also lead to overeating as it’s easy to overeat to satisfy those hunger pains. Also if you go without food for a long period of time your blood sugars can drop leaving you feeling weak and also craving simple sugars as a ‘pick me up’

  3. Eat smaller portioned meals and try to prepare 2 to 3 meals in one go and store them ready to eat. This might be the same or similar food all day, try not to think every meal should be different as we are fuelling and repaired the body, not eating for satisfaction

  4. Pick a good Carb source for your meals. Download a copy of the Glycemic index and choose lower GI carbs. The higher the number the quicker they turn to sugar and cause your body to release excess insulin. This will cause the fat storage effect we all want to avoid. Also about an hour after eating you’ll feel tired and lack concentration. Low glycemic carbs will give our bodies energy for a longer amount of time, and also reduce the pressure on our pancreas to release insulin

  5. Pick a good protein source for your meals. You want to choose a complete protein, one that contains all 20 amino acids for your body to absorb and use. If for some reason you can’t eat a complete protein source, combine foods together to make sure you still get all 20 amino acids

  6. Fats are also important, as they protect the organs, transport hormones and fat-soluble vitamins and are a source of energy. Good fats include oily fish, nuts and seeds. You’ll also get in EFA’s which stands for essential fatty acids. Omega 3 and 6 cannot be produced by the body and are needed for correct brain functioning

  7. Greens should be included in your meals to help aid the digestion of other foods and they also contain fibre which helps pass food through the gut and will also make you feel full for longer. Good sources of greens include broccoli, spinach, kale and asparagus

  8. Plan in your cheat meal. A cheat meal can be a meal or dessert you love or crave and you can save it for when you have a hard day or a hard workout/exercise session. Your body will want the extra calories and take them all in. Or alternatively, you can use it as a reward for doing well all week on your plan, treat yourself, you deserve it. This can be a treat at home or a meal out.

  9. Walking – do a 30 minute fast paced walk every day, outside and not in the gym. Pick a local park or someplace with nice scenery. You must do this in all weather conditions, sun, rain, wind, snow. Just dress for the occasion

  10. If you fall off your diet plan for a few days, it’s not the end! Dust yourself off and get your head back into it, no damage will be done to your body and you’ll still be on track for your goal. Likewise, if you have a day out or weekend away enjoy the food and eat when you can and do not worry about your diet plan. When you come back home get straight back to it

  11. Water, our bodies are made of roughly 60% of it and we need it, especially if we exercise and creating sweat. You can also hold water under the skin and to get rid of it you need to drink more. If you find plain water boring try adding green tea to it, or slices of lemon or lime. Avoid sugary/carbonated drinks, energy drinks, adding sugar to tea or coffee. Ye,s it’ll taste weird at first but you’ll get used to it in no time. You’ll also have better teeth which is always a bonus. Get yourself a good size bottle, around 750ml and fill it around 3 times per day, more if you need to.

  12. Adjusting your plan should be roughly every 2 weeks, do not suddenly go from eating 3000 plus calories a day down to 1500 for example as you’ll feel awful and it won’t be sustainable! Bring your calories down every 2 weeks, even it’s by only 200. Let your body get used to it and measure yourself after 2 weeks, then make the adjustments for the next 2 weeks and so on. Reducing drastically will leave you feeling awful, hungry and your blood sugar could drop giving you the shakes and lacking concentration

So there it is, my top fat loss tips. Please get in contact if you have any questions or need help with anything. I’m available via email or on my social accounts


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